88 strong

Archived: September 27th - October 24th, 2012

This months show at the Goodfoot is “88 Strong” it opens Thurs Sept 27th from 5-12. The show will be up until Oct 22nd

We supplied 88 artists with 8×8 panels, they were asked to pick from 88 themes that we came up with.

All art will be $50 in the Goodfoot. This is a cash and carry show. Everything is framed.

Ace Troy, Adam Bailey, Adam Sheppard, Alan Bennett, Alea Bone, Alexei Bien, Ali Schlicting, allen schmertzler, Allison Bruns, Andy Vanoverberghe, Beth Myrick, Bonzo, Brett Superstar, Brin Levinson, Chris Haberman, Chrissy Horchheimer, Christopher Creath, Chuck Bloom , colby dahlstrom , Dan Ness, Dan Pillers, Darlene Schaper, David Talbat, EMEK, Emily Bates, Erika Lee Sears, Erin Nations, Fred Swan, Gee Bee, Guy Burwell , Heidi Elise Wirz, Henry Vilela, Hunter Armstrong, Jacob Poe, Jason Brown, Jason Graham, Jen Berry, Jennifer Griffo, Jesse Poe, Joel Barber, John Gajowski, John Hoar, Jonathon Hill-Jacquard, Jonny Luczycki, Joshua Abraham, Kayla Newell , Kristen Andrews, Kyle Gossman, Larry Christensen, Lauren McNerney, Malynda Shook, Mario Robert, Mathew Hopkins, Matt Schlosky, Melissa Dow, Michael Costello, Mike McGovern, Mike Trapp, Mr. Say, Nathan Turner, Neil Perry, Nicholas Orr, Omar Pleitez, Patrick Wilcox, Peach Momoko, Raithon Clay, Rick Marcks, Sam Roloff, Schuyler Telleen, sophia Mann, Susannah Kelly, Sylvia Mann, Terra DeHart, Todd Hinchman, Tony Morgan, Tripper Dungan, Wellen Glenn, Yo Mutsu

27 Club,
41 Forever, Absinthe, Antiques, Art Mafia, Avengers, Bar Fly, Bath Salts, Batman, Beards, Bikini Brew, Botox, Breaking Bad, Bridge and Tunnel, Burnside, Campaign, Compost, Consume, Damaged Goods, Danger Zone, Dapper Dan, Day of the Dead, Deadly Sins, Die Antwoord, Dirty Bird, Do It Myself, Dr. Who, Dreads, Dubstep, East Side, Eat Your Face, Emo, Free Range, French or Homeless?, Friend-Like-Poke, Frolf, Get Safe, Gone Fishin’, Happy Little Trees, Hick, High Life, Hoarding, Hops, Hot Tub, Illcommunication, Infusion, Interwebs, It’s In My Mouth, iThings, Just To See How It Feels, Keep Portland Weird, Kincaide, Kind of a Big Deal, Kinda Reality, Last Call
Lebowski, Liz Lemon, Master Chef, Mayan, Merkin or ‘Merican, Midwest, Mythical Beasts, Naked Bike Ride, Obey, Occupy, Pearl District, Pinballin’, Portlandia, Queens, Re-Use Me, Red Dawn, Resin, Robo Tech, Roller Girls, Scandals, Skinny Jeans, Smoke’s Worth, So 2006, Sound Check, Star Wars Forever, Tattoo Palooza, Tie Died
Timbers Army, Transplants, Urban Farm Yard, Vagabond, Vegan, VooDooDoo