I am, therefor I think 5

Archived: October 26th - November 29th, 2011

“I am, therefore I think 5” at the goodfoot. It’s part illustrative memoir, part social commentary. The work displays imagery any were from praying to beer to genetic engineering. There are around s 100 artists with over 300 works, and a varied of mediums (etching, painting, mixed media, photography, etc). Opens Last Thursday, Oct 27th from 5-12 pm, show up until Nov 29th.


Alan Bennet, Ali Schlicting, Allison Bruns, andyvanoverberghe, Ania Palinska, Anna Magruder, Azad Sadjadi, Ben Wilson, Beth Myrick, Brad Hamers, Brenda Dunn, Brent Wick, Brent Wear, Brin Levinson, Chris Haberman, Chuck Bloom, Colby Dahlstrom, Dan Ness, Dan Pillers, David D' Andrea, EMEK, Emily Bates, Erika Lee Sears, Erin Nations, Erin Kathryn, Faith Brown, Fred Swan, Gary Houston, Grant Johnson, Guy Burwell, Heidi Elise Wirz, J Shea, Jamie Ingram, Jason Brown, Jason Graham, Jason Wells, Jennifer Griffo, Jeremy Okai Davis, Joel Barber, John Howard, John Hoar, Jonathon Hill-Jacquard, Justin Hampton, Kenny Spurlock, Kyle Gossman, Larry Christensen, Lea Luna Littleleaf, Lisa Laser, malynda Shook, Mario Robert, Marq Spusta, Matt Schlosky, Max Grove, Melissa Dow, Michael McGovern, Michele Motta, Mike Trapp, Mona Superstar, Mr Riddle, N.O. Bonzo, Nate Luna, Neil Perry, New Colony, Nicholas Orr, Peach Momoko, Phil Garrison, Rich Young, Roger Peet, Ronni J. Kobrin, Sam Arneson, sean Sean Croghan, Stever Welch, Summer Hatfield, Susannah Kelly, Terence Healy, Tim Combs, Todd Walberg, Todd Hinchman, Tony Morgan, Tripper Dungan, Tyler Stout, Tyler Corbett, Uncle Charlie, Yo Mutsu, Yourself, Zak Gere

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