Archived: May 25th - June 24th, 2006

May 25th, 2006 marks the date that Black Market Culture will manifest into a tangible form. Since our inception, in December 2004, Black Market Culture has developed into a vehicle that both showcases and promotes the work of an amazing collection of artists that spans 9 cities and 3 countries. For the past 17 months, we have existed mainly as an online entity but, the walls of the Goodfoot (Portland, OR) are soon to be filled with artwork by 20 artists. For now, here is a full list (in chronological order):
Jesse Reno, Lyla Emery Reno, Doug Boehm, Charlie Alan Kraft, Aimee Whatley, Mike Albury, Jason Brown, Keith Rosson, Kendra Binney, Justin Rock, Ashley Montague, Klutch, WP762, Tyler Kline, Cathie Joy Young, Lori Olds, Chris Haberman, Charlotte Foust, Zach Egge, Daniel Damocles Wall & Michael Fields.


Chris Haberman, Daniel Damocles Wall, Jesse Reno, Keith Rosson, Kendra Binney, Lori Olds, Michael Fields