Vinyl Killers 8

Archived: October 28th - November 28th, 2010

The often imitated, never duplicated, OG vinyl art show, Vinyl Killers returns this October for another round of rescuing long forgotten records from the world’s landfills. This year there have been at least 6 other vinyl shows in North America alone and interest in the artform is at an all time high. After seven annual shows and several touring exhibits Vinyl Killers remains committed to staying open call, independent, D-I-Y, and free of corporate sponsorship.

Since it’s inception in 2003 Vinyl Killers has showcased well over 1000 records painted by artists from around the world. A quick glance at the VK website shows both the genres global influence and the absolutely amazing things that are being done with paint and old records. Media recognition for this innovative show includes The Art Of Rebellion 2 and Stencil Nation, and features in numerous international street art magazines and blogs. In 2005 Klutch, the founder and curator of VK, had the room that he decorated with painted records for San Francisco’s Hotel Des Arts featured in Time magazine. 


A1one, Aaron Brick, Abigail Vanghan, Ace Troy, Adam Ciresi, AJ Ayala, Alexis Good, Andrew Constantine, Andy Stattmiller, Anna Todaro, Anna Magruder, Apeseven, Beth Myrick, BOG, Candace J. Barr, Charles Gass, Chris Haberman, Chris Brett, Christine Claringbold, Chuck Bloom, Colibri, Cybele, d.b., Damon Ayers, Dave Combs, Dave Ryan, deadmeat dudeguy, Dell, Derek Olsen, Derek Toomes, Deseo, Dubtron, EMEK, Enos, Erin Nations, Frederique Pagean, GOM, Greg Stahl, Heidi Elise Wirz, Hunter Armstrong, Ian K Millard, Jacquelyn Bond, Jason Wells, Jennifer Mercede, Jeremy Schutlz, Jeremy Berkley, Joel Barber, John Graeter, John Maveval, Johnny Tragedy, Jonathon Hill-Jacquard, Jussi Twoseven, Keith Rosson, Kevin Darras, Kid Zero, Kitchen Patrol, Klutch, Larry Cyr, Larry Christensen, Lays, Liberation Please, Manav Kohli, Marc Swart, Mario Robert, Matt Schlosky, Matthew Wicks, Mel Defabrizio, Michael Frank, Mig Kokinda, Mr. Say, Nate Luna, Nate Micek, Neil Perry, Nemobott, New Colony, Nic Laurance, Northerndraw, Pahnl, Pearce77, Peat Wollaeger, Penpointred, Poster Child, Ramendeath, Richard Schemmerer, Ripper1331, Robert Boe, Ronni J. Kobrin, SAGE, Scotch, Scotch!, Scott Chase, Shyeone, Simon Milligan, SKAM, Someone, Steffan Gregory, Sterling Mason, Steve Dorobiala, Stine Machine, Tara Gelien, Tim Combs, Tony Perez, Vo McBurney, Yourself

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  • Tainted Love
  • Squid Face
  • Eco Warning 10
  • The Singer