Heidi Elise Wirz + Klutch

Archived: August 26th - September 27th, 2010

Klutch, best known as the cranky old punk responsible for the Vinyl Killers project, has been creating visual mischief for over two decades. From his work with the early 1980′s hardcore punk scene and the legendary Skull Skates, to painting backgrounds for Nike ads, his work has appeared around the world on t-shirts, skateboards, city walls, magazines, and galleries. In 2005 the suite he created at San Francisco’s Hotel Des Arts was featured in Time magazine’s annual “Best Of” issue. Since then he has accomplished very little.

Heidi Elise Wirz was formally trained at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Wirz spent a great deal of her time painting graffiti in the surrounding area. A California native, she now resides in Portland, OR with her son Cody and partner Krist. She has shown in group and solo shows all across the US, with plans to exhibit work in Europe and Japan in 2011. The growth, changes and slight upheavals experienced in everyday life, are constant themes in Heidi Elise Wirz’s work.
As diverse and separate we all are, as humans we have all experienced: joy, sorrow, pain, love, lust, and indifference.
Wirz’s work takes a small magnifying glass to these vulnerabilities and insecurities.

Relationships and the importance of them comprises the narrative accompanying each piece. The line is often blurred between
personal relationships and Wirz’s relation to the world around her. An often harder edged text statement completes each piece, displaying Wirz’s love for typography.

This exhibition is a tribute to the memory of Makh Daniels. A true inspiration, creator, friend, and brilliant source of encouragement was taken from this world far too early. He was the front man for many bands in the Bay Area, and was on tour with his band Early Graves in August. The band was in a tragic accident and Makh was taken from us. 10% of the sales from this show are going to be given to the Makh Daniels Foundation.


Heidi Elise Wirz, Klutch

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