Jesse Reno + Mike McGovern

Archived: June 24th - July 26th, 2010

Jesse say’s about his work. “know your destiny exert your energy and know who surrounds you when it comes from within it is easy to see – when you can resonate your purpose without words pyramids force hearts to lay on their sides – they have built many pyramids to create debts and demand our attention leaving our hearts on their sides – lessons and skeletons walrus boy they will show their intentions permanent markings will always remind you they will try to take it all little by little there was a face in the mountain power, energy and connection all come from many directions pay attention to your growth there is no escape from yourself no words – much can be told by the measure of one’s circles they will talk to you as though you have never grown moving forward with all you got many things will attempt to block your spirit i am looking for the ghost of a buff alo gone long ago i was a ghost looking for a buff alo who had been killed long ago now his horns grow from my shoulders a wise chief once said question what you see not that you see it we must remain focused while waiting for thunder integrity and truth ideas grow like a tree from his head deer boy relinquishes snake the diff erence between ignorance and irrelevance be mindful of your steps when there are snakes in your path especially when they cannot see you blind snakes are very dangerous the difference between a stone and an egg – one will hatch it’s best to forget yesterday and focus on today sometimes meaning is not translatable he grew legs to walk and then gave them up to swim learn to let go we crawled from the sea a very long time ago those who threaten are not friends running above the ground – evolver he grew branches instead of looking for a wall to sit on looking back as you move forward believe if the indian ghost dance failed i doubt we can raise the dead when balancing skeletons pushes your head to it’s side waiting for tomorrow like meeting your potential two bears search for direction – connection above all else cherish”

Mike say’s about his work “The environments and people that have surrounded my life inform the art I create. My work is about constructing autobiographical images that explore the ghosts and spirits of my past. I am interested in how both personal and cultural histories have profoundly affected my visual language. I compose memorials to the intangible memories of my past. By visually recording impressions of specific times, places, and events in my life I am preserving memories that seem to fade with each passing year. My work calls upon the repetitive nature of printmaking and photography to create a network of reoccurring images that I can meditate on to help search for a truth. I use a lexicon of images that relate to specific events in my history. Repeated images of bridges, birds, trains, war, masks, urban landscapes, and old family portraits find their way into my work lending themselves to an unfolding narrative. All these images carry a personal biography, but also carry the weight of their own metaphors helping to furnish an ever-growing personal narrative.”


Jesse Reno, Michael McGovern

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