Chuck Bloom, David Stein, Keenan Havens + Michael Fields

Archived: April 29th - May 24th, 2010

Chuck Bloom
Before the painting is finished, the vision is already fading to memory. I can only hope that I’ve understood enough of the message to help me further along this tiresome trek.

My ultimate goal is walk right into one of my canvases and never return, but the door opens and the door closes in the blink of an eye. the barriers are endless and the map I followed getting here is torn and unreadable. Perhaps I’ve pretended to know where I was all along just to feel more comfortable, but it doesn’t make it any less real.

My paintings have been misinterpreted as illusion or confused. Some people see nothing in them at all — and I ask myself how we have arrived at this point where dreams are not explored, imaginations are not encouraged and so many folks go through life with blinders on?

I speak in visual metaphor. The manipulation of my subject matter is natural and balanced. The psychological state of events is for you, the viewer to extrapolate — the results of which you may find you least expected.

There is an element of deja vu in my work as well as a kind of “separation anxiety” from a time and place where imagination and dreams were the tools of the artist. Now, decorating trends and corporate contracts have replaced these tools andartist such as me continue to work with content while many have chosen brand recognition.

David Stein
David Stein was born in Chicago and grew up in the Midwest. He is a self-taught artist, and inspired by an overactive imagination. David’s childhood plays a strong role in some of the more recognizable qualities of his drawing and painting style, such as the reoccurrence of fantastical creatures, anthropomorphic animals and his attention to fine detail. He say’s about this body of work entitled “Can You Fake A Smile? or A Series of Friendly Interactions With Pazuzu” “This particular body of work follows a series of friendly interactions where the negative internal dialogue and thoughts of the characters are exposed. When I was younger I was told that there were chemicals in the water of our public pool. When activated by urine the chemicals would turn into a dark purple cloud and surround the culprit. It’s kind of like that. Only in this series I’ve replaced the dark purple cloud with snakes. To an untrained scout many snakes may appear to look similar, however, the results of their bite differ dramatically. Much like our words and thoughts. Even the seemingly harmless ones could strangle the weak.”

Keenan Havens
Intuitively drawn semi-abstract drawings documenting conscious and subconscious thoughts and memories.

Michael Fields
Michael Fields is a self-taught artist based in Portland, Oregon. His work is the product of personal reflection.. “When I paint, I contemplate the world as I know it: situations and people of past, present and future come into focus and it is my reaction to these concepts that dictates what emerges onto the canvas.” Michael’s work is born not of planned composition, but inner dialog, often challenging the viewer to decipher messages both on the surface and buried deep within it’s structure.


Chuck Bloom, David Stein, Keenan Havens, Michael Fields

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