Derek Olsen + Matt Schlosky

Archived: February 25th - March 22nd, 2010

Derek Olsen
Derek Olsen was born in Virginia in 1973. He has traveled and created art since childhood. He now lives in Portland, Oregon and is co-owner of the small silk screened apparel company Detour Graphics and is currently in a tattoo apprenticeship. This collection is a celebration of life, death, folklore, friends, legends, and the soundtrack that ties them all together.

Matt Schlosky
My name is Matt Schlosky and since a child I have been fascinated with creating things found within my imagination. I am fortunate to have found a line of work to outlet this childhood passion. I am constantly exploring methods to learn, adapt, and grow, in an effort to redesign the world in which we live.


Derek Olsen, Matt Schlosky

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  • Paperweight
  • groove the blues away
  • Snow Owl