Photography Show

Archived: January 28th - February 22nd, 2010

The Goodfoot will have an art opening, Last Thursday, Jan 28th. from 5-11pm The show will be up until Feb 22nd. The artists this month will be showing photography and include, Casey Rae Wickum Olsen, Craig Maynard Scott, Lana Guerra, Mark Wickum and Sam Artman.

Casey Rae Wickum Olsen received her first camera for her 7th birthday and has been taking pictures ever since. She has a degree in Environmental Photojournalism from the Photography Institute at Lansing Community College. Her inspiration comes from a desire to document moments in time that might otherwise go unseen. “This is the way I see things.”

Craig Maynard Scott has been making photographs for the past thirty years. His first camera was a 110 pinhole made in cub scouts, and long exposure photography is still an inspiring medium. He has recently sold out and joined the digital ranks, but with a love of film still very much intact. This show contains elements of both film and digital works. He is a musician and loan officer and lives in Portland.

To Lana Guerra there is nothing better than a good circus or cuter than tattered old dolls. because of this her photos have a tendency to have a carnival twist to them with bright colors. Mostly because she makes everything in these photos, the unique clothing, over the top colorful wigs, marionette puppets, and painted plush art dolls!

Mark Wickum will be displaying photo’s of some places he’s been and some things he’s seen. He uses these pictures to spin a story, trip a memory, connect the dots. Mark’s documentary is your science fiction, horror show, crime noir, lonely in the gutter, high on the mountain, lost in the nowhere, deep in the city story. Nobody dreams in black and white.

Sam Artman is an Oregon native and near life-long resident of Portland. Though his creative focus lies more in words than in images, he has found photography to be a satisfying secondary creative outlet. Sam is mostly self-taught in the art, but spent nearly five years as a professional photo lab tech refining the craft. His compositions tend toward the exposition of the life of objects, mostly those of urban environs and urban significance. Through his education in the lab Sam became well-versed in the standards and techniques of post-production. However, he often found that by abandoning such knowledge when getting behind the lens he could challenge himself to create the image in its “final form” just before releasing the shutter; the idea being to capture the object engaging in candid behavior and interacting with its immediate environment. ‘This is not a picture of a fire hydrant. This is a picture of a fire hydrant looking at its shadow wishing it was taller’


Casey Rae Wickum, Craig Maynard Scott, Lana Guerra, Mark Wickum, Sam Artman

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