Art of Musical Maintenance VI

Archived: December 3rd, 2009 - January 25th, 2010

The Art of Musical Maintenance, in it’s 6th year, is proud to display the newest installment of music posters from artists throughout the country. The artists in this show are as diverse as the music. Likewise, the artist’s techniques vary as well (from hand drawn to computer generated design).


Adam Turman, Alan Hynes, Ben Wilson, Brad Klausen, Brian Methe, Brian Ewing, Casey Burns, Craig Horky, Crosshair, Dan Stiles, David D' Andrea, EMEK, Firehouse, Furturtle, Gary Houston, Gigart, Guy Burwell, Jason Brown, Jay Ryan, Jeff Wood, Jermaine Rodgers, Joanna Wecht, John Howard, John Vogl, Jon Smith, Julie Dery, Justin Hampton, Justin Helton, Lee Zeman, Leia Bell, Lil Tuffy, Lindsey Kuhn, Marq Spusta, Methane Studios, Mig Kokinda, Mike King, Mike Martin, Nate Duval, Plastic Flame Press, Powerslide Design, Rob Jones, Robert Boe, Squad 19, Stainboy, Tara McPherson, Todd Slater, Tyler Stout, Uncle Charlie

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  • The Decemberists - NYC
  • Ghostland Observatory Nov 8
  • jesus lizard
  • Jujuba 4-26
  • Audioslave Philly