The Pack - Book Release

Archived: July 30th - August 26th, 2009

The Goodfoot has been doing art show’s for the last 9 years. curated by Jason Brown (po’ boy art). Each month we display different artists, and have a last Thursday art opening to celebrate their art. We have shown both regional and national artists on various levels of their career. We try to give an opportunity to artists that might not have another outlet to display their art work, side by side with other artists that have been established and showing in the art world for some time.

The Goodfoot has showcased several annual events such as; “The Art of Musical Maintenance” a music poster series, for the last 5 years, with artists from around the country, “Vinyl Killers” a show of painted records, for the last 6 years, with artists from around the world, recently we have added “I am, therefore I think” a social commentary series,for the last 3 years. This book is just a small handful of the artists that have shown, and show each year with the Goodfoot. They’re the glue that hold us together and have been contributing to the art scene for years. Enjoy!!!


Chris Haberman, Dan Ness, Derek Olsen, EMEK, Hunter Armstrong, Icky A., Jason Brown, Jesse Reno, Klutch, Leia Bell, Mario Robert, Michael Fields, Tripper Dungan

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