Klutch + Ripper 1331

Archived: August 27th - September 23rd, 2009


The mastermind behind the Vinyl Killers art project, this Oklahoma born punk revivalist creates stark multi-layered stencils and graffiti work on skateboards, found objects, murals and most famously – vinyl records. His clean spot-graffiti objects celebrate the glory of the punk days while exposing the splendor of true street art. His work has appeared across the country in galleries, skate shops, restaurants, benefits and magazines (appearing first in Thrasher in 1986), and his most recent development of the painted rooms of Hotel Des Arts in San Francisco.

Ripper 1331

Ripper1331 was born in the frozen Canadian tundra of Saskatchewan in 1968. He enjoys drinking beer and looks forward to Mega Muffin Mondays at the office.


Klutch, Ripper1331

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