Mario Robert + Matt Schlosky

Archived: June 25th - July 29th, 2009

Mario Robert

Mario Robert lll is an artist from El Paso Texas and a fourth generation carpenter inspired by comic books, movies and ancient civilizations. Using the wood’s own grain and knots, he first develops the main idea of the painting. He then paints and sometimes carves the wood and is able to convert his simple materials into stunning art pieces. Each piece is an explosive colorful experience. Following the Mexican “Day of the Dead” folklore, he begins to add his new take on a very old tradition of storytelling and creating new tales without words.

Matt Schlosky

My name is Matt Schlosky and since a child I have been fascinated with creating things found within my imagination. I am fortunate to have found a line of work to outlet this childhood passion. I am constantly exploring methods to learn, adapt, and grow, in an effort to redesign the world in which we live.


Mario Robert, Matt Schlosky, Mike Martin

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