Jesse Reno + Michael Fields

Archived: March 26th - April 30th, 2009

Jesse Reno

My art relates to primitivism in the purest sense, it comes from within with strong belief. These are not quick ideas rather they are inward understanding of self, the god within a representation of the underlying subconscious soul. The deepest rooted thoughts that guide and inflict us with there influence. The images search for pureness in expression and connection beyond language… As in primitive cultures my creations remain pure as if they are my personal gods and visual diaries, free from the concerns of technique, preconceived ideas, meaning, or concern for what has come before… they come from within, and manifest as an expressions of the world that surrounds, like gods created in ones own image, a reflection of self, and outward understanding…

Michael Fields

Michael Fields is a self-taught artist based in Portland, Oregon. His work is the product of personal reflection.. “When I paint, I contemplate the world as I know it: situations and people of past, present and future come into focus and it is my reaction to these concepts that dictates what emerges onto the canvas.” Michael’s work is born not of planned composition, but inner dialog, often challenging the viewer to decipher messages both on the surface and buried deep within it’s structure.


Jesse Reno, Michael Fields

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  • bear
  • drawing c-079
  • a place in the sun
  • mask
  • horse shadow