Derek Olsen + John Ray

Archived: February 26th - March 25th, 2009

Derek Olsen

Derek Olsen was born in Virginia in 1973. He has traveled and created art since childhood. He now lives in Portland, Oregon and is co-owner of the small silk screened apparel company Detour Graphics and is currently in a tattoo apprenticeship. This collection is a celebration of life, death, folklore, friends, legends, and the soundtrack that ties them all together.

John Wray

John Wray grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana on the southeast side of town, sandwiched firmly between ghetto and farms. He has always been interested in art and have drawn and painted since he was a child. Early in his high school years he discovered the triple jackpot that would influence all of his art from then on… Heavy Metal, Skateboarding, and Graffiti/Hip Hop. John no longer skateboards but he does feel like he still carrys that teenage angst in his art. John stuck around Fort Wayne for a few years after graduating in 1990. Tried a semester of college, didn’t like it. In 95 he decided he’d move to Portland, Oregon. He has been here ever since and definitely consider this his home. As for this particular collection of paintings, He’s decided to call it “LOVE IS….” I went through what I considered to be a very tough breakup with someone that I had dated for almost two years. Let’s just say I didn’t take it too well. I thought that the best form of therapy would be to paint it out and show you all what I was feeling. I’m sure every viewer can relate to at least a few of these pieces. They can seem quite a bit harsh, but that just me exaggerating for effect. I’m also extremely sarcastic in my work. I guess you could say I’ve got a really sick sense of humor. Just don’t get me started on jokes.”


Derek Olsen, John Wray

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