Anna Todaro + Jennifer Mercede

Archived: January 29th - February 26th, 2009

Anna Todaro

Anna Todaro is a painter living and working in Portland Oregon. Anna has been showing her work in and around Portland since 2006.

“the Beautiful and Strange
As a painter, I choose to paint beautiful things.
I choose to paint grey hair, albino eyes, and blemished skin;
I choose bald heads, pleasantly plump and much too thin, too tall, and too
I choose alien-like yellow ochre skin;
I choose peg legs and kingly crowns and tree arms;
I choose mystical beasts, angels, and divine Siamese twins;
I choose to define and re-define paintings who, in a post-impressionistic,
urban, pop, surreal,
neo-classical, masterful way,
make your eyes melt with wonderful color and possibility.”

Jennifer Mercede

Jennifer Mercede was born in Long Beach, CA and grew up in Connecticut. At a young age Jennifer began making art, inspired by her grandmother, a free-spirited watercolorist. She would spend hours making hundreds of handmade floral greeting cards and loved when she had the house to herself to turn the music up and work on a creative project. Jennifer’s primarily abstract paintings consist of free flowing text, bright color fields, and crazy energetic doodling. Internally guided they involve letting go, taking big risks and trusting that there is no such thing as a mistake. They are meant to enjoy and motivate. She is inspired by color, children’s art, old school hip hop flavor, graffiti, abstract expressionism, inner spirituality and her creative friends. She is currently excited to be mixing her abstract stylings with figurative expressions. These ethnic women doodles with wild, intricate hair, stand bold and confident, similar to the evolution of Jennifer’s artistic voice. Look for more of her creative expressions to come in many forms, including hip hop dance, music and performance.


Anna Todaro, Jennifer Mercede

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