Archived: July 31st - August 25th, 2008

The Goodfoot, Artpdx & Anothersky Press are proud to announce the realease of Invision 2 A Collection of Visual Art from Portland + Beyond – an 80 page book featuring full-color reproductions of works from 12 exciting artists. In celebration of the release, we have organized an exhibition of work that has appeared in the Invision series as well as new works by many of the artists involved. Please join us on Thursday, July 31st from 5 – 11pm at the Goodfoot for the opening. Show will be up until August 25th.


Alisha Wessler, Ashley Montague, Ashley Anson, Charlie Alan Kraft, Chris Haberman, Damon Ayers, Dan Ness, David Stein, Eric Wixon, Erik Abel, Jason Brown, Jason Graham, Jesse Reno, Keith Rosson, Kendra Binney, Klutch, Michael Fields, Paul Fujita, Ryan Bodiroga, Scott Wayne Indiana, Tom Keating

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  • Winged Horse
  • Fish Out of Water 009
  • Incomplete Parts
  • untitled 2
  • Invasion