Jacob Wooton, Keith Rosson and Larry Cyr

Archived: June 26th - July 28th, 2008

Keith Rosson was born in Ashdown, Arkansas. Formative years spent in the Pacific Northwest. Education at Cornish College of the Arts and Portland State University. Graduated at neither. With a heavy nod to comic book culture and a cut-and-paste punk aesthetic, Keith Rosson’s paintings are simultaneously droll and incendiary; he tackles emotional, universal themes with a dark, tongue-in-cheek gallows humor. Bright, text-heavy and immediately recognizable, Rosson’s acrylic paintings often utilize secondary elements that most often include ink and correction fluid, as well as bullets, teeth, nails, switchblades and cell phones and has led one critic to claim that, “(Rosson) continues putting out the finest graphic novels distilled into paintings in the Pacific Northwest.”

Jacob Wooton lives here in Portland, OR He has created giant bird wing sculptures and dream markets… and more animal paintings… bigger and better animal paintings folks, bigger and better… because the recipe for success never calls for smaller and crappier… it just doesn’t.

Larry Cyr is a Seattle stencil artist. Most of his subject matter deals with politics,social issues, the working class, war… When creating a piece, he uses his backgrounds in graphic design and photo journalism…Larry served in the Infantry in Ramadi, Iraq with the U.S. Army and prior to that he served 4 years in the U.S. Marine Corps as a Reconnaissance Marine.


Jacob Wooton, Keith Rosson, Larry Cyr

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