Jesse Reno and Lana Guerra

Archived: March 27th - April 22nd, 2008

Lana Guerra spends 98% of her time making very unique art wigs (imagine a wearing a 4ft long octopus wig!) that sell all around the world, paintings, dolls, puppets that are life sized & used for performance art, marionettes, clothes, hula hoops, and sculptures. She also works on many photo shoots, both styling hair & applying make up, performs in a circus, play music in many theatrical bands, and DJs. Her hair, wigs, art, and music have been in magazines, books, and on record labels.

Jesse Reno Lives and works in his home studio in Portland, OR. Born, 1974 in Teaneck, NJ. He is a self taught, mixed media painter, and has been drawing since the age of 5, exhibiting since 2001. His work acts for no reason other than to convey an inner struggle for expression, simple and direct. open for interpretation, always with purpose, words misspelled left out just like real thinking. His art relates to primitivism in the purest sense.


Jesse Reno, Lana Guerra

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