Matthew Hopkins

Matthew Hopkins. I am an artist and storyteller. All the work I create has a narrative to it, and every piece has a story to tell. I always wanted to know why something came about or what's it's meaning was. To create, I play, and my imagination keeps me guessing. I never know what kind of creatures are going to spring from the world of Nightmerriment. Building stories and worlds, lead me to pursue acting. I got my Bachelor of Arts in theatre and film from Western Washington University. Since then I've worked in many theatre, film, and television productions both in front of, but mostly behind the camera. Some of my proudest achievements are working on productions like Star Trek Into Darkness, Robocop (2014), Portlandia Season 3, Grimm season 1 & 2, the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies, and creating educational puppet programs for Sesame Street Workshop. I currently live and work in Portland, Oregon.