Archived: December 25th - 26th, 2015

Artist Edition Van Morrison Live in Concert at The Shrine Auditorium January 15 & 16, 2016 gigposter prints will be made available through the Art of Musical Maintenance Gigposter Art Show at The Goodfoot in Portland, Oregon as a part of it’s closing week festivities AND through People’s Art of Portland as part of their Opening “Peoples of People’s” which opens this Saturday. Also featured are Emek and Gary Houston and a huge host of Portland Artists. There will be a link to purchase provided to all Mailing List subscribers a day before the general public is made aware of the availability of prints and how they can buy theirs online.”

There are three color way for this print, Green, Red and Orange with each night of the two shows in Los Angeles having their own color version, Green or Red.

The third Orange version is exclusive to GUYBURWELL and will be the only version available through this sale. All prints are signed and numbered from a small edition of only 50 prints!


Guy Burwell