The Art o Musical Maintenance 12

Archived: December 1st, 2015 - January 27th, 2016

The Goodfoot is proud to announce that “The Art of Musical Maintenance, in it’s 12th year, will open Thurs, Dec 3rd from 5pm-2:30 am and be up until Jan 26th.   We will be displaying the newest installment of music posters from artists through out the country. The artists in this show are as diverse as the music. Likewise, the artist’s techniques vary as well (from hand drawn to computer generated design). There are over 40 artists from around the country, and over 300 posters. 
We are honored to have Chuck Sperry do the poster for this years show.


Alan Hynes, Billy Perkins, Brad Klausen, Brian Methe, Chuck Sperry, Craig Horky, Dan Stiles, Dave Hunter, David Welker, EMEK, Furturtle, Gary Houston, Gigart, Guy Burwell, James Flames, James R. Eads, Jamie Lee Meyer, Jay Ryan, Jermaine Rodgers, Jim Mazza, John Howard, Justin Hampton, Justin Santora, Marq Spusta, Masthay Studios, Matt Leunig, Mike Dubois, Munk One, Nate Duval, Nathaniel Deas, Neal Williams, Randy Fung, Rich Kelly, Rob Jones, Todd Slater, Tyler Stout, Uncle Charlie, zoltron

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  • Gene Ween
  • Bill Frisen
  • Shafty 2
  • Acid King, SF (AP)