Chris Haberman and Jason Brown "Best Song Ever" art opening

Archived: July 27th - August 24th, 2014

The Goodfoot will have an art opening Thurs July 31st from 5-12.¬† The show will be up until Aug 26th. ¬†Show is titled “Best Song Ever” by artists Chris Haberman and resident artist and Goodfoot curator Jason Brown. Opening night will be a costume party also, come dressed as your favorite rock star!!!

This months artists Chris Haberman and Jason Brown team up for their annual show, at Goodfoot. They’ve taken “Best Song’s Ever” over the years, and depicted them in painting form. They will have a mix of Collaborations and both of their own individual works.


Chris Haberman, Jason Brown

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  • I Chase the Devil (inspired by Max Romeo)
  • Celebration (inspired by Kool and the Gang) collab with Chris Haberman
  • Where is My Mind (inspired by The Pixies) collab with Chris Haberman
  • The Piano Has Been Drinking (inspired by Tom Waits) collab with Chris Haberman
  • Who Are You (inspired by The Who) collab w/ Joel Barber