I am, There for I Think

Archived: October 27th - November 30th, 2013

“I am, therefore I think” at the goodfoot. It’s part illustrative memoir, part social commentary. There are around s 100 artists with over 300 works, and a varied of mediums (etching, painting, mixed media, photography, etc). Opens Last Thursday, Oct 31st from 5-12 pm, (don’t forget to dress up its A Halloween PARTY!!!)

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Ace- Troy, Adam Turman, Adi Dov, Alan Bennet, Ali Schlicting, Allison Bruns, Amanda Marn, Amy Stoner, andyvanoverberghe, Ania Palinska, April Jones, Ashley Costa, Ben Wilson, bonzo, Brett Bowers, Chris Haberman, Christopher Creath, Christopher Kelleher, Chuck Bloom, Chuck Sperry, circleface, Dan Ness, Danielle Kirby, Derrick Villalpando, DKNG studio, EMEK, Emily Bates, Eric Blackburn, Eric Buchmann, Erika Lee Sears, Erin Nations, Ethan Kimberling, Fred Swan, Gary Houston, Giver, Heather DeWitt, Heather Owens, Heather Rieder, Heide Davis, Heidi Elise Wirz, Igwe, Jason Brown, Jeff Wood, Jen Berry, Jennifer Griffo, Jess Cally, Joann Lundberg, Joe Riso, Joel Barber, John Gajowski, Jonny Luczycki, Josh Abraham, Joshua Burd, Julie Costanzo, Kendra Binney, Kevin Noonan, Kyle Gossman, Laura Vanderlyn, Lisa Wilde, Lisa Griffen, Mackenzie Kuntz, Mari Navarro, Mario Robert, Marq Spusta, Mary Andrews, Matt Schlosky, Mayfair, Mike Trapp, Mirjam Dijkema, Nathan Turner, New Colony, Nicole Gartland, Paul Loverme, R74, Rick Marcks, Roger Lealamanua, Rosy Enland-Fisher, Sincanvas, Sue Clancy, Sylvia Mann, Todd Walberg, Todd Hinchman, Travis Turnsen, Tripper Dungan, Wellie Glenn

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