Maker’s Dozen featuring Jeff Wood of Drowning Creek

Archived: June 8th - 9th, 2013

“2nd Annual Maker’s Dozen
featuring Jeff Wood of Drowning Creek”
13 Lucky artists of different media and backgrounds exhibit together
Reception: Saturday, June 15th. 5-9pm.
Show runs June 15th – July 14th.
Gallery OPEN – Thurs-Sunday, NOON-6pm.

The Maker’s Dozen is based off the Baker’s Dozen (a baked batch of goods composed of 13 components). Each artist has created 12 works for this show, presenting 12 mini-feature shows together at once, plus ONE feature Poster Artist (famed Drowning Creek/Jeff Wood). All original “makers” of their craft, each artist is unique and singular in their each of their focused and individualistic artistic visions.


Angelito surmon, Brett Bowers, Erika Lee Sears, Gary Hirsch, Janet Amundson Splidsboel, Jason Edward Davis, Jeff Wood, Jen Berry, Jodi Burton, Jonny Luczycki, Julie Constanzo, Quin Sweetman, Rosy England Fisher

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