Tripper Dungan

Tripper Dungan: When I was a kid I wanted to be either a banker, a beach bum, or an artist. In hindsight I think I picked the hardest one. I can't say I regret it though. I'm a person that thrives on mental stimulation, new experiences, revelations, exploration, and self propulsion. Riding my bike and walking help inspire and invigorate my creative process. I want to say my strange happy art is reflective of my life (and it is), but when i think about it, my childhood was uncertain and tumultuous at times. I moved a lot (at the most it was 9 times in one year), through apartments, town houses, motels, campgrounds, and cars. I had a bunch of stepdads, none of which left to much of an impression on me, at least not good ones. I lived in rough neighborhoods, and got beat up, chased, and harassed for being a white skater kid in Las Vegas. That said, I have to say I went to a great magnet high school where I learned a lot and made some great friends. I started to developed my style and create a work ethic around my art. I would stay late after school and paint until the janitors kicked me out. On the second to last day of school of my senior year, a couple of my friends and I stayed at school until 2 in the morning working on art. The school police ended up chasing us out. We roamed the streets of old Vegas, witnessing some horrendous things in the wee hours and sleeping on the lawn of some small law firm in the neighborhood. Some say that good art has to communicates a story or emotion. My art is happy, curious, at times surreal, psychedelic, and always cartoony. I'm inspired by escapisms such as animals, music, food, and vintage toys. I don't always want to convey a clear story more than I want to inspire a story or touch on the outskirts of a condition. My most ambitious goal as an art maker is to create a situation where the viewers brain shuts down for a second, a blissful moment of reboot, where the brain is trying to figure out what the hell is going on but knowing full well it's just nonsense.