Jesse Reno

Jesse Reno is a self-taught mixed media painter based in Portland, Oregon. He has been drawing since he could hold a pencil, and painting and exhibiting his works since 2000. Jesse has amassed over 3000 paintings in the last 12 years, and has exhibited his work extensively across the US and Canada as well as France and Mexico, even being accepted as permanent collection in a museum in France.  Jesse's work has been covered in various art publications including Juxtapoz, Artnews, Artension, dpi and Somerset Studio just to name a few. One of his largest works can be seen in Winnipeg, Canada where he was commissioned by the Province of Manitoba to create a 25 x 40 ft mural as a reminder to the cultural importance of the Native American people in the region.  In the latest series of paintings by Reno, his totem animals and aboriginal figures reverberate memories of people who once lived as one with nature. Marked by symbols, these figures seek their dreams in the growth of trees and the passing of spirits. They learn to transcend the boundaries of the rational world evolving into a collage of what they have become and encountered. Reno’s prints for the show will be a varied collections of paintings, drawings and embellished prints.   In the words of the artist, “… I have found understanding through seemingly random shapes, colors, and markings. I find myself writing words before I understand their meaning, trusting I will be wise enough to understand them in time… to find something new we must move without bounds. There are no hard questions for truth.”